Billur MS

Almond collection

Almond Body Milk

35 ml; 50 ml; 75 ml

This body milk with almond oil from Provence and light texture, helps to moisturize the skin and envelops it with a subtle and mouthwatering scent of fresh almonds.

Put a small amount of body lotion in your hands, then massage into the skin with slow and circular motions.


Almonds have long been associated with Provence and the almond tree is a strong symbol of the local landscape. L’OCCITANE is committed to purchasing almonds from producers in the South of France so that the almond tree, which had long been forgotten in the region, once again becomes a familiar element in the Provençal landscape. Our Almond amenities are both deliciously addictive and wonderfully sensual. Creamy, silky textures melt into skin and hair to provide true pleasure for the senses! Dive into infinite softness with our Almond collection.