Billur MS


Mer&Mistral Body Gel

30 ml; 50 ml; 75 ml

This vivifying gel moisturizes and refreshes the skin, leaving an aquatic and aromatic scent blending cypress, pine and rosemary notes.

Apply to wet skin, work into a lather, and rinse. Follow with Mer & Mistral Body Milk to moisture your skin.


La Collection de Grasse celebrates the city of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery in uniting precious extracts together, two by two. Sometimes, they seem destined for each other. At other times, it’s like a wonderful chance encounter. And then, there are the ingredients that echo and enrich each other. Decorated with the ampersand symbol to emphasize the link between key ingredients, La Collection de Grasse amenities bottle designs are inspired by the traditional perfume bottles of Grasse. Our Mer & Mistral exclusive fragrance amenities collection, unites the most precious ingredients from lands near and far, bringing them together in beautiful harmony. Reminiscent of a summer’s day at the beach, this collection is truly Provençal, uniting Mer, the sea, with Mistral, the famous wind that blows through the south of France. The vivifying and invigorating fragrance blends fresh and aquatic notes with an aromatic accord of pine, cypress and rosemary.